Tansi Friendship Centre

Meet the Team


Youth Programs Assistant

Providing support to the Tansi Youth Programs.

Ashley Anderson

Lead Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

Chelsey Williamson

Youth Programs Coordinator

Kelsey McFeeters

Employment, Life Skills, & Training Coordinator

Kathy Kolosky

Reaching Home Housing Coordinator

Lynn Dempsey

Reaching Home Health Coordinator

Harpinder Singh

Early Years Family Support

Kayelyn McKone

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Denise Friesen

Mental Health & Addictions Counselor

Serving everyone ages 16+ with Mental Health & Addictions counseling, resources and referral.

Sam Cardinal

Fiance Clerk

Responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general finances at Tansi.

Sherlana Schroeder

Senior ECE

Serving urban Indigenous and Non-Indigenous children 3-4 years old in preschool…